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5 Top Pop Up Tents for Camping ⛺ (with super Easy Setup!)

Hello and Welcome to the Urban Survivor Channel! In this video we’re going to be taking a look at 5 Top Pop Up Tents you can buy that are great for camping. Pop Up tents are great because they are extremely easy to set up and they generally offer very spacious interiors!

Quechua by Decathlon 2 Second Fresh & Black 2-Person –
UST 4 Person Lightweight Tent –
Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent –
Gazelle T4 4 Person standing room tent –
Oileus 4 Person –

The Quechua by Decathlon is one of the best options if you are looking for a small 2 person tent to take backpacking or camping. This is one of the most compact and lightweight pop up tents available. It’s very water resistant and the black interior provides almost complete darkness even in broad daylight. This tent also comes with pegs which are good to use if you are setting it up in an area with lots of wind. They also make a slightly larger 3 person version of the Quechua.

If you are looking for a lightweight pop up tent that’s light enough to take backpacking or camping and spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 people, the UST 4 person is probably the best tent for you. The UST is 8′ 4″w x 7′ 3″d x 68″h and weighs just 7.5lbs. the extra-large front and rear door makes it easy to move in and out while the oversized footprint and maximized interior living space is perfect for spending time in. They also make a 6 person model.

Another great 2 person pop up tent that’s the lightest on the list and the most budget friendly option is the Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent. Coleman has been making camping gear for ages . It features waterproof seams and a rain resistant design that can help keep you dry. You can also get a 4 person version of this tent and my only criticism of that tent is that it only has 1 door which might be difficult to manage with 4 people.

If you are looking for a 4 person Pop Up Tent with Room for standing, the Gazelle T4 is a pop up tent you don’t want to miss. Set up takes about 90 seconds and the Gazelle can accommodate up to 4 adult campers and is 78” tall so you can stand comfortably inside. The floor is 61 square feet making it one of the most spacious tents. They also make an 8 person version with a 94” by 168” footprint which is perfect for large families and overlanding adventures.

Last but not least we have the Oileus 4 person Pop Up Tent. The Oileus is one of the more reasonably priced and decent sized options we looked at and it would be great for car camping. This tent is water proof and has 2 Ventilated Doors & 2 Privacy Windows & an Extra Big Mesh Roof Sky Window. To set this tent up all you need to do is throw it into the air. The Open Size: 114’’L*78”W*51”H. And the Folding Size:38” in diameter as a disc.

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