Camping In The Rain

Camping In The Rain -Meal Cooked In Wok Over Campfire, Heating Tent With A Mr. Heater

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I set out on a camping adventure to test out a tent in the rain. The task was simple, find a location, set up the tent, eat delicious food, and wait for rain. I was successful. I tested the tent in two ways. 1. how well it would perform in the rain 2. how did it fair as a winter hot tent. The Eddie Bauer 3 season tent took on some rain through the night which I was a bit dissatisfied with. The amount of rain would have only allowed me to brush my teeth but not rinse. So hence the dissatisfaction as I was looking forward to banging on my fangs. The tent performed well with the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy. With many windows throughout the tent, I was able to easily ventilate any odorless harmful gasses that may have been produced from the buddy heater and reached temps over 100f/37c. I was not as successful In ridding any other gasses that may have been produced during the night (Thank you dinner) as they seemed to linger but dissipated with time.

January 11, 2021
Kenny Baum

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I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure you have good ventilation while using a propane heater. Please have multiple ways of detecting CO. Mr. Heater has a low oxygen sensor built-in but having a second detection source is a must. NEVER run your heater while you are asleep. In this video, I only used the heater while awake and with plenty of ventilation. Please and I stress, please do your research before ever considering using a propane heater in a tent, and make sure the heater is designed for indoor use, as Mr. Heater is. If in doubt, leave it out! SAFETY first everyone!

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