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Can I Make Fishing Weights from Sea Shells? | Bushcraft Camp Cookup

Graeme tests whether he can make fishing weights using sea shells as the mold. He then heads to the bushcraft camp with mike from ta outdoors to cook some fish over the fire. Has anyone ever tried this before? Will it be copied by others? Are lots of beach anglers scouring the sea shore looking for empty sea shells? Watch the film to find out if he had any success..PLUS…he digs into the Totally Awesome files and comes up with a really informative film showing how Mike, from T.A.Outdoors, manages to start fire using powder scraped from the bark of a birch tree. Add to that a fun cookup on the campfire of Skate and Chips washed down by some hot Mulled wine.

Do these guys know how to survive in style or what??! ENJOY!!

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